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The DuraFlex product line is designed to provide maximum performance in a high temperature felt. FSI was driven to develop this product line because:

  • PPG is developing technology to remove mercury from flue gases.
  • FSI is working with PPG on incorporating the PPG mercury removal technology into our DuraFlex product line.

This product line is the high temperature FSI’s media of choice, providing the longest lasting, most durable felt FSI offers. DuraFlex fabrics will give a longer baglife under most operating conditions, including temperatures above 500˚F (260˚C), than similar uncoated Huyglas fabrics. DuraFlex products feature:

  • Maximum abrasion resistance
  • Longer Flex Life

While still providing similar Huyglas performance by:

  • High filtration efficiency, especially for sub-micron size particles
  • Excellent chemical resistance for both acid and alkaline environments
  • Good dimensional stability


DuraFlex 6251
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